All I can say is WOW! . Played my first round since picking up the irons you fitted for me, and  got my first ever hole in one ! Bruce M, Waterloo

After playing a few rounds with the new clubs, I shot a 75, the lowest round I have ever had. The irons feel so consistent. Tim S, Hamilton

My average score on a medium-tough course dropped by several strokes. Ball striking and flight was much more consistent. You are indeed a very skilled club fitter. George B, Trenton

I went to another club fitter in your area, and the difference between him and you is night and day, you are FAR more knowledgeable. Thanks for correcting my set, I am hitting the ball farther and more accurately. Jim H, Kitchener

I love my irons after you fitted me with the correct shafts. I hit the ball on average 8 yards farther with my irons, which is HUGE for someone who is on tour! Emma C, LPGA Futures Tour

I used my Wishon 919THI Driver on the course today for the first time after a fitting by Precision Golf Clubs. This season, I was averaging 185 yds. with my old driver. I`m a 65 yr old senior player. My first try with Wishon 919THI 12 degree loft and Graphite Design ys6+ shaft saw my average drives at 205 yds. I know that I can improve on this over the rest of the season.
I would recommend a fitting from John for any golfer !
Thanks John!!! Peter H, Hamilton Ontario