Moment of Inertia Matching

Moment of inertia (MOI) matching of golf club is modern alternative to the traditional swingweight matching method which has been in common practice since the 1920′s. In this case the MOI of a club is defined as the resistance to being swung around the body in the typical golf swing.

020711The aim of matching a set of golf clubs is for each club in the set to feel and perform exactly the same when they are swung by the golfer. Swingweight matching only partially achieves this as in spite of each club giving the same reading on a swingweight scale, it will take a slightly different amount of force to swing each club in the set.

When matched for MOI, the player can use exactly the same golf swing for each club in the set. If the target MOI has been fitted to the player properly then each club will feel like an extension of their body. Timing and tempo will improve and this should result in more centre strikes with improved performance.