May 6 2016

Precision Golf Clubs is pleased to announce that we now have the Sterling Single Length irons for you to test.

Tom Wishon, along with professional golfer and swing speed trainer Jaacob Bowden, began collaboratively making the Sterling single-length irons in 2013. And they’re making the argument that the irons will simplify the game for all golfers, since they eliminate variables throughout the golf swing.

Contact us for more information about Sterling Single Length Irons, or  go to

April 13 2016

Precision Golf Clubs is pleased to announce that we have been selected as a Srixon/Cleveland dealer and fitting centre. We will be offering all Srixon clubs and Cleveland wedges, and of course custom fit !

Contact us for more information on how Srixon/Cleveland can lower your scores.

August 8 2015

How to play to the best of your ability – Why fitting is more important for average golfers !


June 14 2015

Here is a great article on Tom Wishon and why he is the best golf club designer on the planet.

Tom Wishon – Mad Scientist

May 25 2015

I have been asked about club fitters/builders who advertise that they are one of the Top 100 Club Fitters in the World. Here is my response:

If you look closely, all of the “Top 100 Clubfitters” sell clubs from the same component company, so this means that they are the top 100 sellers of their components, nothing to do with their ability to fit golf clubs. Some of them might indeed be good, but their knowledge about club fitting is unknown. You are FAR better off being fit by someone who is a member of a truly independent club fitting organization, and is certified by those independent organizations, and who is continually participates in conferences and educational sessions.

May 24 2015

Does a faster swing speed always need a stiffer golf shaft? Here is Bill Lange of True Temper with the answer.

If you would like a shaft fitting from a True Temper Performance Fitting Centre, contact us here at Precision Golf Clubs.

April 21 2015

It is interesting that RBC Hertige Winner Jim Furyk has KBS Tour “R” flex in his irons, not the KBS part but the “R” part.

Most people would think that all PGA Tour players automatically play “S” or “X” flex in their irons. In my experience of fitting golfers, a golfer will have the best and most consistent results with the most flexible shaft that they can control. If a shaft does not feel good (and flex/stiffness is one of the characteristics that produces feel), then control will suffer.

A golfers most consistent face impact will be with the shaft that feels the best to them, regardless of flex.

I believe that Sam Snead also played “R” flex in his prime.

April 17 2015

Here is Tom Wishon explains the 5 key fitting specifications of  Professional Shaft Fitting. If you would like to go through a Professional Shaft Fitting or would like more information, send an email to

April 1 2015

A visit to the Miura factory in Japan. This video shows why Miura heads are the best in the world !