March 2015

March 5 2015

It might not be your swing, it might be your clubs !

Here is a link to a great article from Peter Kostis, Golf Channel commentator and instructor to Paul Casey, Bernhard Langer and others:

March 12 2015

I am very pleased to announce that I have been selected to represent Miura Golf in South Western Ontario.

People are amazed that master craftsman Katsuhiro Miura, who is often referred to in the Japanese media as having the Hands of God, actually works hands-on in his factory every day. He passes down his knowledge and skills to his two sons, and even grinds the clubheads himself as well.

His endless quest for the perfect club has brought to the world over 10 series of Miura clubs, a number that continually grows as he continues his meticulous refinement.

When golfers see a Miura club for the first time, and actually hold it in their hands, there is a common shared experience – LOVE at first sight. And like trying to define love, no words can seem to describe the absolute exhilaration one gets from swinging a Miura club, it is something that one needs to FEEL to discover.

Miura clubs have been used to win US Opens, Masters, and countless other coveted titles. They will elevate your game as well.

To view details about Miura, visit

March 15 2015

Here is a link to a GolfWrx article on Miura CB57 irons.

March 31 2015

Tom Wishon has released a video on the current trend of Slot Head Face Designs, and why they are not as good a design as the Variable Face Technology.