Miura Irons

2009limited-blade_topMiura Baby Blades

Designed for players seeking the very best from a classic design” says Katsuhiro Miura. This MIURA “Series 1957” Classic design blade goes through the same forging process which makes the Miura Irons so successful in the consistency of the strike of the ball and in terms of feel. The smaller size — 15 percent smaller overall — makes the clubhead easier to square up at impact. The smaller head also glides through the turf easily — and Mr. Miura added key touches in the design to enhance this advantage.

blackblade-backface-500x333Miura Black Blades

Miura’s new LIMITED FORGED BLACK BLADE iron is a stunning version of the popular muscle back Miura Tournament Blade — but with the distinctive Miura Black finish. Company founder and club making expert Katsuhiro Miura and his sons, Yoshitaka and Shinei, and their staff took special care to create a no-glare, flat-black finish with a surface texture that’s pleasing to the touch. When golf club fans see these beauties, the effect is like coming around the corner and seeing your dream car parked at the curb. They can’t get that look out of their minds.

Miura-CB-501cMiura CB-501

When the CB-501 was in development, our goal was to combine the best features from our favorite Miura irons, both past and present.  Mr. Miura was striving for the ideal ball flight; enough offset to promote playability, the perfect head size, and a sole grind that would accommodate a broad range of players.With a sole grind that appeals to the Tour player, the 501 also possesses a design that will appeal to all levels of golfers.

Miura-CB-1957Miura CB57

  • Timeless MIURA styling. Peerless MIURA performance.
  • Leading edge specially engineered help the player make solid contact.
  • Forged cavity-back construction offers solid feel with perimeter-weighted forgiveness.
  • Sole designed to glide confidently through the turf.
  • Easy-to-aim shape helps players square the face at impact.
  • Engineered with significantly less offset for players who do not need or
    want as much help in keeping their shots from leaking to the right.


Miura-PP9003Miura Passing Point 9003

The Miura Passing Point 9003 irons were inspired by Mr. Miura’s sons and a stepping stone into the more mature Miura clubs. The “passing point” is that next step into being a better golfer. This club will help you maximize your potential for that next big step. The PP-9003 gives the player, forgiveness, playability, and the always important forged feeling of every Miura club.

Miura -PP9003-Straight NeckMiura PP 9003 Straight Neck

All the features of the Passing Point 9003 irons but with less offset.




Miura-LH-CavityMiura Left Handed Cavity

  • Miura’s forging techniques rearrange the molecular structure of the mild steel in a pattern that is uniform throughout the club head. This eliminates void spots in the club face. This process assures that every Miura club in your bag has the distance control, ball flight, spin, and feel that any golfer should demand.
  • This tightness in the grain structure of the metal is what gives Miura made clubs the controlled, soft feel that other manufacturers cannot achieve. Miura also uses a proprietary “spin welding” process to produce the industry’s most consistent hosel. This unique procedure ensures that the bore depths and hosel heights are identical on every Miura made head and the shaft of every club will be perfectly centered.

Mizuno Irons


JPX 900 Forged

Built on the foundation of the highly regarded JPX 850 Forged, the JPX 900 Forged makes ‘across the board’ enhancements that improve the look, feel and distance, with new levels of ball speeds from a forged iron. Delivering on ball speed and forgiveness, with a more compact playable design, the 900 forged provides the ultimate balanced attack.

JPX 900 Hot Metal

With the JPX 900 Hot Metal Iron, Mizuno set out to Engineer the Longest, Hottest – broad appeal iron they have ever made. By utilizing new materials and new methods of construction, Mizuno was able to produce an iron with an unmatched level of ball speed.

Srixon Irons

z355Srixon Z355

For these irons, the sole objective was consistency. Z 355 irons are packed with technology designed to deliver incredible distance and accuracy more often.

Available in right or left hand, from 4 to Gap Wedge.



z545Srixon Z545

Distance-oriented for “All Ability“ players, Srixon Z 545 irons combine hot flight and incredible feel in a slightly larger, more forgiving cavity-back profile.





z745Srixon Z745

Experience the ultimate in ball-striking with Srixon Z 745 irons. The muscle cavity design features a thinner top line and more compact shape ideal for “tour” players.




Wishon Irons

771-MainWishon 771CSI

All New Thin Face, High COR, Variable Thickness Face in a Carbon Steel Body to Offer a Wide Range in Lie and Loft Bending for Custom Fitting