Club Fitting

The Five Improvements Goals
At Precision Golf Clubs, we use the twenty-one specifications of a golf club to help you obtain the five game improvement goals of:
  • Distance
  • Accuracy
  • Consistency
  • Trajectory
  • Feel

The twenty-one specifications of a golf club are:

  1. Loft – to get the correct trajectory and distance
  2. Lie – crucial for accuracy, especially in the “scoring” clubs
  3. Bulge – affects how controllable our off-centre driver shots are
  4. Roll – important for effective launch angle
  5. Face Angle – can help tremendously with a slice or hook
  6. Sole Angle – important to get right so we do not bury our wedges
  7. Offset – helps with squaring the clubface at impact
  8. Head design and material – get the correct design for your particular needs
  9. Shaft Flex – we match the flex to your swing speed, tempo, and release
  10. Shaft Torque – avoid a shaft that is too stiff or too flexable.
  11. Shaft Weight – get the weight correct and it matches your natural tempo
  12. Shaft Spine Alignment – we ensure the spine is aligned during assembly
  13. Shaft Bend Profile – get the correct profile to help with desired ball flight
  14. Shaft Material and Design – Graphite? Steel? Scandium? Composite?
  15. Grip Size – the only point of contact with the club, it has to feel right
  16. Grip Weight – better consistency and feel
  17. Grip Material – feel and performance
  18. Club Length – the most crucial factor for consistent on-centre hits
  19. Club MOI – a MOI matched set means one swing for all clubs
  20. Club Weight – light for more distance, heaver for more control
  21. Set Makeup – a custom set can be tailored for you. Want to play 4 hybrids and start your irons at # 7 ? Do you like to play forged 3, 4, and 5 irons, and cast in 6 to PW ?
The Fitting Process
The Player

We do not fit Men, Women, Seniors, Juniors etc. Precision Golf Clubs fits GOLFERS. There is no attempt to segment Golfers by any measure other than they are people who play the game for enjoyment and are in search of Improvement to their game. My Goal is to satisfy all my customers and if that is your goal you have come to the right place.

Player Interview

The Interview Form is a method for me to obtain information on such items as the Current  Set Makeup, Game Improvement Goals, Player Product Preferences, Physical Limitations, Ball Striking tendencies, Fitting Expectations etc. The primary purpose of the Interview is to give the Fitter insight into areas of emphasis or concern.

Measurement Equipment 

Following the Interview discussion, the Player is provided an overview of the Equipment that will be used during the Fitting Process starting with such items as Frequency Analyzers, MOI Speed Match Scale, Swing Weight Scale, the Flight Scope Launch Monitor and the various Clubs, Grips and Recording Equipment. This equipment is used primarily to establish a baseline from which follow-on determinations can be made.


The Players Club Specifications are measured and reviewed for inconsistencies. Items such as Length, Loft, Lie Angle, MOI, Grip Size, Swing Weight, Total Weight etc. are all measured. A composite view can provide helpful hints into some of the issues that the player is experiencing or that were discussed as a result of the interview. The Baseline also provides a starting point for further changes or modifications in the current club set or clubs that are to be built.

Fitting Equipment

Following the above activity, a move is made to the Fitting Area and the Player is introduced to the various items used in the Dynamic portion of the fitting. The Fitting Equipment can be viewed in the Fitting Equipment section of this web site.

Dynamic Fitting
 The overriding theme at Precision Golf Clubs is to improve the Player Consistency and Reduce Miss Hit Tendencies through the determination of the best combination of Clubheads, Club Shaft and Grip specifications that will improve, to the best of the Players ability, On-Center and Solid Contact and ball flight in the intended direction. The Fitting is all about modification to Flight (Distance, Accuracy, Trajectory, Consistency) & Feel that yields the best results for the individual Player. There is no one set of rules that applies to all Players and there is no one set of Standard Specifications that can be produced in Golf Equipment that will allow the Player to achieve their maximum potential. That is why the Fitting Process is the key to success. In summary; It’s Not the Brand, It’s Not the Model, It’s Not the Cost and It’s Not the Marketing Hype – IT’S THE FIT.
To determine each Players requirements the following measurements are taken:
  • Head Speed
  • Ball Speed
  • Carry Distance
  • Total Distance
  • Spin Rate
  • Swing Characteristics
  • Launch Angle
  • Angle of Attack
  • Swing Path
  • Swing Plane
  • Flight Time
  • Angle of Descent
  • Shaft Acceleration
  • Club Length
  • Club Weight
  • Club Face Angle
  • Lie Angles
  • Grip Composition & Size
  • Video Analysis

Fitting’s at Precision Golf Clubs cover up to 22 unique items depending on the needs or requirements of the individual Player. Data for each of the above items is presented in graphic or visual form and a record of each is provided to the Player.