I see club fitters advertise that they are one of the Worlds Top 100 ClubFitters, does this mean that they are that good?

If you look closely, all of the “Top 100 Clubfitters” sell clubs from the same component company, so this means that they are the top 100 sellers of their components, nothing to do with their ability to fit golf clubs. Some of them might indeed be good, but their knowledge about club fitting is unknown. You are FAR better off being fit by someone who is a member of a truly independent club fitting organization, and is certified by those independent organizations, and who is continually participates in conferences and educational sessions.

What are the benefits of playing with custom fit clubs?

Custom fit Off-the-shelf
Clubs designed to match my size and strength Yes No
Clubs suited to my golfing ability Yes No
Clubs designed for my personal golf swing Yes No
Clubs designed to improve my game Yes No
I can test hit them during the fitting session Yes No
Advice from a custom fit specialist Yes No
After sales service for fine adjustments if needed Yes No

I’ve heard that custom fitting only benefits the good players?

This is a golfing myth. Within limits a good player can adapt to clubs which are not designed for his or her personal requirements because they have the talent to do so. The average player does not have the skill to accommodate ill-fitting clubs.

So in effect it is the average player who benefits most from custom fitting. However custom fitting benefits all golfers. The world’s best players use customized equipment because they know that this is essential if they are to perform to the best of their ability at the highest level.

Why should they have to adapt their swings to the clubs when it is so much easier and quicker to adapt the clubs to their swings?

Beginners are advised to start with clubs which are fitted for length, lie, grip size, shaft and head model. This makes the game so much easier to learn and so much more enjoyable. So in summary everybody benefits from custom fit clubs irrespective of age or ability.

Does custom fitting add to the price?

It is true that you might get a cut price deal on off-the-shelf clubs but in general custom fitted clubs are no more expensive to buy.

Keep in mind that the impulse bargain purchase may back fire on you because you may not be able to play with them. Therefore the money spent has not improved your game. You are then left with no option but to trade them in for another set. So in the long term you would have been financially better off to get custom fit clubs in the first place.

Does getting fitted on a golf simulator the same as a Launch Monitor?

No!. A 3-D radar Launch Monitor is FAR more accurate than a simulator!. A FlightScope Launch Monitor measures the club (both head and the shaft) as well as the ball. A simulator generally measures the club head speed and face angle, then calculates the ball flight (which may or may not be correct). A simulator is designed more for entertainment than club fitting.

If you are looking to be fitted properly and accurately, only a 3-D Doppler radar Launch Monitor will give accurate information about your swing and ball flight. A fitter will use this information and give you a better fit, as it is based on measured information and not just a simulation.

Using a simulator could result in the fitting based on data that might not be correct. A 3-D radar Launch Monitor can be used both indoors and outdoors

The other big advantage of using a FlightScope Launch Monitor for a driver fitting is the ability to optimize the three parameters for distance, ball speed, vertical launch and spin.

I see lots of shops advertising custom fit clubs. Do they all offer the same level of service?

There are various levels of custom fitting in the same way as there are various levels of car washing. For example washing the car to some people is a 10 minute job with a hose, whereas to others it is a 3 hour job which includes detailing the car inside and out.

Some shops claim to offer custom fitting by providing a quick 5 minute check for length and lie angle. However at Precision Golf Clubs custom fitting session covers every aspect of the golf club which can affect performance.

We generally take around 1 hour to 1 /2 hours to fit for irons and the same to fit for a driver. So if you want to have a proper custom fit session, seek out a specialist company with a proven track record. At Precision Golf Clubs we custom fit some of the country’s best amateur and professional players.

This should give you added confidence since this same high level of service will be offered to you as an Precision Golf Clubs customer.

Why have I not seen Wishon, Alpha or Infiniti clubs in the golf shops?

These are highly specialized niche brands which you will not see sold off the shelf in the large discount golf shops. All these premium brands insist that their clubs are customized to the player’s requirements and built to a very high standard.

They only sell their clubs through a qualified network of clubfitters / club builders with the necessary skill and experience to deliver a high level of service to their customers. Precision Golf Clubs meets and exceeds all the requirements

You can read more about these premium brands on their respective websites  or pay us a visit and inspect the quality for yourself.

What happens at the custom fitting session?

We will take some static measurements from you such as height, wrist to floor and hand size. This provides us with a baseline for further testing. We will then check the spec. of your current clubs and see how well they perform. We need to know what you would like to gain from the new clubs.

You will spend most of the time hitting shots under the watchful eye of a custom fit expert. All of your shots will be monitored with FlightScope which measures ball flight and club dynamics.

You will then test hit various fitting clubs in order to determine which ones perform best. Visual observation is confirmed with FlightScope data. The end result will be a recommended list of fitting spec which can be used to build your ideal set of golf clubs.

How long does it take to get custom fit clubs after placing the order?

Assuming we have the components in stock the clubs will be ready for collection or shipping within 10 days, sometimes earlier.

How do I make an appointment for a club fitting session?

Just call us at 519-591-GOLF (4653)

Q. I am a low handicap player. Would I benefit from a Precision Golf Clubs fitting?

If you are a golf pro or single figure handicap player and want to take your game to the next level then you simply must be playing with customized equipment. We can offer the ultimate custom fit experience. Our aim is to make sure that each club in your bag is set up for optimum performance.